Grace Presbyterian exists not only for herself, but for the greater good of the global mission as an outward-facing Gospel ministry.  Below are some ways that you can engage in global mission at Grace.

  • Mario and Elsbeth Tafferner, Tyndale Seminary (Amsterdam)

    Summary: Mario and Elsbeth serve the worldwide Church by training global Christian leaders in a suburb of Amsterdam through theological education at Tyndale Theological Seminary. At the school, Mario teaches Old Testament. The seminary has an intentional international profile and trains students from all over the world—but mostly from Africa and Asia—to become pastors and missionaries in their home countries. Both Mario and Elsbeth are excited that God uses Tyndale to prepare men and women for a variety of ministries with a gospel-centered theological education. At the same time, the faculty and students are actively serving in churches and ministries in the Netherlands, one of the most secular societies in the world. 

    How you can serve: Tyndale is a missionary seminary. The faculty are all missionaries and most of the students come from distant countries where they couldn't receive the kind of theological education they get at Tyndale. Thanks to gracious donors, they can receive scholarships and stipends which allows them to get the ministry preparation they need to serve God wherever they are from. Donations to Mario and Elsbeth's work can be made online via their agency Mission to the World. Most important for the ministry at Tyndale is prayer. Please ask God to use the school for the sake of his kingdom by sending us students who will faithfully serve the Gospel in the future, by giving the faculty and the staff wisdom to educate them well, and by strengthening them during their studies. Please also pray that God will sustain and grow the school spiritually and financially. Tyndale is dependent on God's gracious hand to expand its activities. 

  • Laura Ball, Mission TO The WOrld and RUF

    (L’viv, UKraine)

    Summary: The work in L’viv is a ministry of Mission to the World, the PCA’s global sending agency, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine. It consists of a local church plant as well as an RUF-Global affiliated campus ministry. Laura serves with this ministry (known locally as “Leopolis Youth”), where she and her teammates seek to connect with students and provide them with a space where they can encounter the gospel in the context of community where they are valued and can also explore questions of faith and meaning. In a context where most people’s faith is nominal or non-existent, the church in L’viv and Leopolis Youth want to see Ukrainians encountering Jesus for themselves through Scripture and Christian community.  For more information, please visit the Team L’viv website

    How you can serve: Reach out to Laura Ball to sign up for newsletters or learn how to support the work in L’viv.

  • El Shaddai Ministries International (Haiti)

    Summary: ESMI seeks to be a Christ-centered ministry filling Haiti with passionate church leaders and to establish a network of Haitian churches that are spiritually healthy, evangelical, and self-sustaining. The ESMI network includes over 121 churches, 40 schools with 7,000 students, and nine children's homes serving 1,000 orphans. 

    How you can serve: Sponsor a child, volunteer for a medical trip, or buy a prayer booklet.

    For more information, please visit ESMI Haiti's website