Hello friends and thanks for visiting the RENEW landing page, 

RENEW is a generosity initiative of our church that aims to renew

our building unto renewing our mission and vision as a church. 

We have a beautiful building in an unbeatable location. We believe now

is the time to expand, renovate, and update our building so folks of all ages

and abilities can experience Jesus around North Shore, in Chicago, and beyond.  
On this website you will find more information about RENEW: why we are doing this, what the plans are, FAQs, how to participate, and more.

Again, thanks for dropping by and come back soon as we will be adding items to this site. Grace and Peace, 

Marshall Brown


Renew Welcome. We will make our building accessible to all, no matter their physical ability. We will offer dedicated and secure spaces for children and youth. We will have better circulation, way-finding, and spaces for casual gatherings.

 The vision of Grace Presbyterian is to know and experience Jesus and to make his kingdom and presence known on the North Shore, in Chicago, and beyond. Since four families gathered in a living room in 2001, God has allowed us to grow in almost every way imaginable.

Here are some highlights:

  • In 2005, we helped to start a ministry to undergraduate students at Northwestern University (RUF).

  • In 2012, we had a generational opportunity to buy our building in the heart of the North Shore. In 2023, we bought the home next door opening up options for our landlocked parcel.

  • In 2017, we helped to launch a ministry to international graduate students at

    Northwestern University (RUF-I).

    We also installed our first class of elders (local lay leadership).

  • In 2019, we began a mid-week discipleship program for children (GraceKids Wednesdays).

  • In 2023, we baptized six adults and seventeen children, numbers we hope to continue to grow. We also purchased a home mere steps from Northwestern University as a long term space for ministry and outreach.

    Through the years (and a global pandemic!), our mission remains the same: to welcome our neighbors and to grow together in Christ as we serve God in our community and world.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”

Psalm 127:1


Frequently Asked Questions

  • RENEW is a two-year generosity initiative (beginning in April 2024 and spanning three tax years) to raise $5.5 million dollars with a goal of renewing our building unto renewing our mission. We are asking you to join with us in faith to further make known Jesus’ kingdom and presence in our church, on the North Shore, and beyond.

  • As we have grown, our beautiful building has increasingly hampered our mission: stairs with no lifts for those with mobility issues, flimsy dividers and multiple points of egress for children’s ministry, and a youth group that meets in the church foyer. We believe the time has come for us to renew our building so we can renew and expand our mission.

  • Our proposed plans renovate, expand, and improve our building so that we can support and grow our ministry impact. The plans include making the building accessible to all, no matter their physical ability. We will offer dedicated and secure spaces for children and youth. We will have better circulation, way-finding, and spaces for casual gatherings. The building will have 65% more ministry space for increased discipleship and fellowship opportunities for children, youth, and adults to grow in Christ.

  • All of the funds will be allocated for costs related to the existing building renovation, new building costs, and furnishings. Donations that exceed needs for building construction and renewal will be held in an overall Grace Building Fund to be used for future building renovation.

  • Target date is March 2025 to break ground. We expect 12-18 months of construction.

  • We don’t have those details just yet as we are not in the place of having our construction

    plan finalized. We are looking to work with the general contractor and architect to have

    the building process be the least disruptive to our normal

    schedule of church events.

  • The new building addition and renovation cost is $5.5M. We are building 11,000 square feet (SF) of commercial/church space and renovating nearly 9,000 SF. PFA (the architecture firm) and our renovation team experts can confirm that current construction costs for commercial buildings with similar code requirements as the church are ranging from $500-$750/SF in construction costs. According to Redfin, the median sales price per square foot for residences in Winnetka is $509/SF. Multiply that by the total square footage for the addition (11,000) and the total would be $5,599,000. That does not include the cost of 9,000 SF of renovations, nor does it account for two new parking lots.

  • We are asking everyone who calls Grace their church home and those who regularly attend to pray, engage, and give in new ways during this campaign.

  • We are asking all who call GPC home to fill out a Commitment Card. This is a written commitment that allows the leadership to best plan on what to anticipate will be given toward RENEW and the timing of the gifts. Please know that it is not a legally or morally binding document. We know that you may encounter unforeseen circumstances that will increase or decrease your ability to give.

  • The four primary ways to give are: cash, check, credit card and appreciated assets (stock donations). If you desire to give an alternative asset, we will work with you to make that happen. Click here to give now. 

  • You can make your pledge online or drop off in the designated RENEW pledge box at the church office.

  • Our finances are annually reviewed by a CPA firm/third party. Additionally, our bulletin has a monthly high level budget summary, once a quarter the elders have started sending out a more detailed financial update, and twice a year we have a congregational meeting with even more financial detail available. We have built a reputation for trustworthiness in our financial dealings and take that very seriously.

  • The ministries will continue as they currently are, perhaps with some adaptations as needed and as the church grows.

  • We are trusting that God will do a work in us to grow us in the knowledge of Him, His faithfulness and to make us more like Him. We hope to be a light to our neighbors, those who work on the renovation, and Village leadership.