Grace Presbyterian exists not only for herself, but for the greater good of the local community as an outward-facing Gospel ministry.  Below are some ways that you can engage in local mission at Grace.

  • Andrew and Jessica Barber, RUF at Northwestern University

    Summary:  Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a Christian community at Northwestern University that aims to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve in his name. We strive to be a group that takes the gospel seriously without taking ourselves that seriously.

    How you can serve: Reach out to Andrew Barber (RUF Campus Minister as well as a Grace congregant) to see where this semester's needs lie. 

    For more information, please visit RUF Northwestern's website

  • Ian and Hanna Hammond, RUF-I at Northwestern University

    Summary: RUF-I (Reformed University Fellowship - International) is a community of international scholars who want to build relationships, grow spiritually, and learn together. We want to offer students various cultural opportunities and give you a place to explore questions of faith and the Bible.

    How you can serve: Reach out to Ian Hammond (RUF International Campus Minister as well as a Grace congregant) to see where this quarter's needs lie. 

    For more information, please visit RUF International at Northwestern's website

  • Derek and McKenna Rishmawy, RUF at UC-Irvine

    Summary: Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at University of California-Irvine is a Christian community committed to exploring and living the good news of Jesus together on campus. And that's true even during COVID season, when folks can't even go to class on campus. RUF is committed to being a place for you to form community, study the Bible, hang out, and grow together. Regardless of your beliefs or doubts, RUF is a safe place to connect, ask questions and learn who Jesus is and what he's doing in your life.

    How you can serve: Prayerfully and financially support UC Irvine's RUF Ministry.

    For more information, please visit UC-Irvine RUF's website

  • Safe Families

    Summary: Safe Families seeks to provide temporary housing and support to children of families in crisis due to homelessness, domestic violence, or hospitalization in an effort to prevent abuse or neglect. They seek to reduce the number of children in the child welfare system by reuniting families after crises. Safe Families gives parents a trusted place to care for their children until they are ready to come home. 

    How you can serve: Become a host family, a Family Friend, mentor a child, or attend a training session.

    For more information, please visit Safe Families' website.

  • Younglife on the North Shore

    Summary: Young Life is a program designed for students (middle school, high school, and college) to be introduced to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith. 

    How you can serve: Volunteer to be a Younglife Leader, join a Younglife committee, or donate financially.

    For more information, please visit Younglife (North Shore)'s website

  • GRIP Outreach for Youth

    Summary: GRIP Outreach for Youth is an organization designed for at-risk teens. Their heart is to invest in the lives of Chicago youth through Christ-centered, Life-on-Life relationships.

    How you can serve: Volunteer in their outreach program and various other ways.

    For more information, please visit GRIP Outreach's website

  • Chicago Friends of Haiti

    Summary: Chicago Friends of Haiti coordinates the efforts of churches in the Chicago Metro Presbytery to bring hope and health to Haiti through the power of the gospel and meeting needs in the name of Jesus. We do this in partnership with El Shaddai Ministries, started and led by Dony St Germain, the MNA Haitian Ministries Director. Together, we sponsor the orphanage of 85 children in Cavaillon, provide medical care, dig wells and install water purification systems, plant churches, train pastors, start businesses, and more. We sponsor two mission trips to Haiti annually. 

    How can you serve: Go on a mission trip, donate supplies for our mission trips, sponsor a child at Cavaillon, or pray for the leaders and the advancement of the Gospel in Haiti.

    For more information, please visit Chicago Friends of Haiti's website.

  • Living Hope Church, Woodlawn - South Side

    Summary: Living Hope Church is a part of the Body of Christ on the south side of Chicago, gathering as people of all different colors, cultures, and classes, but embodying together our one Living Hope, Jesus Christ.

    How you can serve: Donate to Living Hope Church and their mission. Reach out and see how you can serve locally or on one of their mission trips. 

    Fore more information, please visit Living Hope Church's website

  • By The Hand Kids Club, Chicago

    Summary: By The Hand is a Christ-centered, after-school program that takes kids by the hand and walks with them from kindergarten through college, loving and nuturing them - mind, body, and soul.  

    How you can serve: Donate to By The Hand, reach out and volunteer with them (individually or with a group), or start a fundraiser for By The Hand.  

    For more information, please visit By The Hand's Website.  

  • Chris Reed | RUF Howard University

    Summary: RUF Howard is a ministry that is celebrating and joining the rich Christian legacy of HBCUs; connected to the local, global and ancient church; sharing and showing the words and work of Jesus; a place that is about the truth and feels like family; honest about every student's spiritual hunger; and confident that God is at work on Howard's campus.

    How you can serve: Prayerfully and financially support RUF Howard and their mission.

    For more information please visit RUF Howards website.

  • Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary (prison ministry)

    Summary: Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary exists to provide Biblical and theological instruction to residents of correctional institutions within the state of Illinois and Indiana. The goal of this rigorous program of Biblical and theological studies is the moral transformation of residents in correctional institutions so that they can live in hope and joy and be a blessing to their families, churches, and communities. 

    How you can serve: Donate to Divine Hope and their mission. Send them an email to visit and experience prison seminary and get to know students. 

    For more information please visit Divine Hopes website.

  • Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Lombard, IL)

    Summary: As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Redeemer Presbyterian Church is a confessional church, fully committed to living out in today’s context the rich theology, piety, and practice of the historic Christian faith recovered at the Protestant Reformation, and best summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith. 

    How you can serve: Donate to Redeemer Presbyterian Church and their mission.

    For more information please visit Redeemer Presbyterian Church's website