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Get to Know Grace

Grace Presbyterian Church of the North Shore exists to know and make known the transforming presence of Jesus Christ on the North Shore and beyond.



The power of the Gospel. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God for salvation.  When practiced in its biblical fullness, it can heal and mature anyone or any community.

What is the Gospel? It is the announcement (literally “good news”) that Jesus’ resurrection was the beginning of salvation for the entire cosmos and will be completed when he returns. God is restoring the peace of his creation through the work of Jesus and is renewing individuals, families, cities and kingdoms as people trust and follow Christ.

The priority of the church. We believe that Jesus has created a new community bound together by their faith in Him.  The church is the family of God, the people of the Messiah, and temple of the Holy Spirit.

Why does the church exist?  Our common cause in the gospel is how Jesus has promised to bring blessing and new life to a broken world.  The church is a spiritual kingdom that lives for the sake of the world and the glory of God.

The practices of the historic and catholic Christian faith. We believe in the core teachings that have united nearly all Christians at all times, and value the riches of practice that are found within the various streams of the world-wide church.  Therefore our community's unique celebration of the gospel exists in dependence upon the church throughout the world and across history.

How do we celebrate the Gospel? Through faithful proclamation and obedient demonstration. Weekly worship services are an opportunity for everyone to hear how God is making things right and to thank him publicly for it.

Our place in Chicagoland. We believe that Chicago is a strategic place for Christ’s church to embody her love for God by serving our neighbors and neighborhoods.  Through cultural and civic engagement Christians must serve the common good.

How does the church serve the North Shore?  The church’s public celebration of the gospel in worship “spills over” through our individual lives as we serve our neighbors as Jesus has served us. This is why our church is always looking for new ways to be good neighbors. In short, we are committed to promoting the beauty of Chicago's diverse cultures and using our lives to address and improve her brokenness.